Integrarea măsurilor de protecție seismică [...] *** The Integration of Seismic Protection Measures [...]


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In the last 20 years, only 20 of the over 2400 seismically vulnerable buildings in Bucharest have benefited from the necessary intervention works, through the consolidation programme carried out by the Ministry of Regional Development, Public Administration, and European Funds (MRDPAEF) and the Bucharest City Hall (BCH). Another 18 public buildings were consolidated and repurposed as part of the programme “Public Building Consolidation Programme – Component B: Reducing Seismic Risk”, financed by the World Bank in 2005-2013 through the MRDPAEF. In the field of consolidation, heritage buildings have not been a priority of the central and local authorities. Using seismic engineering, as well architectural and heritage criteria, it is possible to prioritise the necessary interventions in order to save and highlight the cultural heritage of the capital in the conditions of limited funds. The case study on tall reinforced concrete buildings located in the interwar centre of Bucharest highlights the validity of this approach.

Keywords: heritage buildings, degree of protection, Class I Seismic Risk – public hazard, seismic protection measures