Începuturile parcurilor publice urbane transilvănene *** The Beginnings of Transylvanian Public Urban Parks


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Five years ago the Historical Gardens column was launched in the Transsylvania Nostra Journal with the presentation of the Szentkereszthy Manor House Park in Arcuş, Covasna County. Many other Transylvanian residential parks have been presented since then, just as countless others still await their turn to be discovered. Although at present residential historical parks are the most vulnerable, there are other types of historical landscaping ensembles in Transylvania that present a great interest. The urban culture of recent years has rediscovered public parks and their great potential to coagulate social life. A sufficient reason for the proposal to broaden the topic of the studies published within the Historic Gardens column, addressing consistently from now on the issue of urban public parks, especially the Transylvanian ones. This first article on the subject sketches the beginnings of Transylvanian public urban parks within the larger context of the appearance of the European public urban park.

Keywords: historical park, public urban park, public space, Transylvania