Elemente arhitecturale din piatră din secolul al XVI-lea în arhitectura laică a Clujului *** Sixteenth-century Stone Architectural Elements in the Secular Architecture of Cluj-Napoca


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As a result of the urban development of Cluj-Napoca during the late 19th century, we come to find 17 carved stone frames dating from the 16th century that belonged to the Wolphard-Kakas House, both within the Medieval Lapidarium of the National History Museum of Transylvania (seven frames), in situ in the current building of the University of Art and Design at 31 Unirii Square, i.e. the former Wolphard-Kakas House in the historic centre of Cluj-Napoca (nine frames), as well as in the building of the Faculty of Psychology at 37 Republicii Street, i.e. the former Pákei Lajos House, built in the 19th century (one frame). This unique situation concerning the existence in three different locations of these architectural elements of carved stone dating from 1534, elements of exceptional historic and artistic value from the Wolphard-Kakas House, was the subject of the author’s dissertation and offered an opportunity to write a study, as well as to search for a way to highlight them as a unit and not separately, as it is now the case, with proposals for preservation or conservation.

Keywords: frame, carved stone, Wolphard- Kakas House, preservation, secular architecture of Cluj-Napoca, 16th century