Studiu istoric, inventarierea valorilor pentru reabilitarea și amenajarea interioară a Complexului Sfântul Ștefan din Baia-Mare *** Historical Study, Inventory of Values for the Rehabilitation and Interior Design of the Sfântul Ștefan Complex in Baia Mare


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The article focuses on the proposed interventions for the rehabilitation (and redesign) of the interior spaces in the Ştefan Complex (also known as Minerul) in Baia Mare, having in mind the inventory of values, developed on criteria of authenticity and original value. The ensemble, listed as a historic building, is composed of a hotel, restaurant units, café, bar, commercial spaces, and an auditorium. The design underwent many renovations and functional alterations until the recent exterior rehabilitation. At present, the interiors are heavily degraded.

Keywords: The Sfântul Ştefan Hotel Complex in Baia Mare (Minerul), inventory of values, Secession era, interior rehabilitation, interior design