Surse documentare în studiul începuturilor parcurilor publice urbane transilvănene *** Documentary Sources in the Study of the Beginnings of Transylvanian Public Urban Parks


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The fact that the subject of Transylvanian historic landscape design is still extremely rarely visited by researchers may have various causes: a long period of time characterised by a low interest for the recognition and promotion of values of a past reprimanded by political authority; the recent interest for the history of Transylvanian landscape design, propelled by an international interest for landscape design and its enhancement; also, the small number of accessible sources, due to which any attempt for the research of any aspect regarding historic Transylvanian landscape design ends up being assimilated with a pioneering work, of sketching a first track along which, in the future, easier research would be possible. The unavoidable inexactitudes, even errors, along with the substantial effort they need (also by the necessary and careful on-site investigations) often make this road less attractive. If documentary sources are scarce, it should be noted that their lack is felt more acutely in the case of Transylvanian residential gardens than in the case of Transylvanian public urban parks. This article aims at reviewing the types of documentary sources relevant for the study of the beginnings of Transylvanian public urban parks, thus commencing a historiographical sketch of the subject, the final point of which is yet to materialise.

Keywords: historical park, public urban park, public space, documentary sources, Transylvania