Capcane în protecţia ariilor urbane istorice în România CÂTEVA STUDII DE CAZ *** Traps in the Protection of Historic Urban Areas in Romania SEVERAL CASE STUDIES


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Romania is not the only country in Eastern Europe that, in the period following the regime changes around the 90s, has serious difficulties regarding the protection of historic ensembles and buildings. The causes are many and are related to the factors that have acted and still act in the field, from legislation, administration, various mentalities, to the aggressiveness of “modernisation” at all costs. Obviously, a special place is taken by real estate activities, which target the most central and precious urban areas, those where the land price seems to be the only thing that regulates the process. If listed historic buildings are correctly rehabilitated, according to the regulations in the field, buildings that belong to protected ensembles (historic centres, historic or traditional residential quarters, industrial or historical infrastructure complexes, etc.) are considered “low-grade historic buildings” and are subjected to the strangest rehabilitation, amplification, or  conversion-reconversion processes.

Keywords: historic building conservation, historic urban areas, case studies, Romania