Parcul castelului Béldy Ladislau din Budila (judeţul Brașov) *** The Park of the Béldy Ladislau Manor House in Budila, Braşov County


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The article presents several landmarks from the history of buildings and landscape designs of the park belonging to the Béldy Ladislau Manor House in Budila (Braşov County), a 19th century park,
with traces of design in a landscape style, listed on the 2004 and 2010’s Lists of Historic Buildings. The main element of the landscape design, still recognizable by its imprint, was the artificial lake, with islands. The article describes the main built and landscape design elements of the ensemble, the relationships established between them and with the settlement and surrounding landscape, as they were observed by the author in the summer of 2009, in an attempt to outline a short summary of the current situation of the landscape elements.

Keywords: historical garden, rural residence, landscape design, 19th century