Reconsiderarea unei ruine. Studiu pentru valorificarea ansamblului Castelului Haller-Jósika din Gârbou *** The Reconsideration of a Ruin. Study on Enhancing the Haller-Jósika Manor House Ensemble in Gârbou


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The article presents certain historical benchmarks of the Haller-Jósika Ensemble in Gârbou (Sălaj County), while describing the most significant owner of this property, i.e. Baroness Rozália JÓSIKA (born Countess CSÁKY). The manor house ensemble is classified as a historic building in the Lists of Historic Buildings from 2004, 2010, and 2015. The ensemble is composed of two manor houses, i.e. a Baroque one (1766), with a well (1781) and a chapel (1783), and a Neoclassical one (1830). The most significant change brought to the ensemble in both architectural and cultural terms is owed to Rozália JÓSIKA (CSÁKY). The ensemble has suffered major destructions after its alienation from the JÓSIKA family. The only elements left today (2019) are the Baroque gate, the well, and the chapel. The article describes the main elements that used to define this aristocratic ensemble and tries to recreate for the reader a most faithful image of the ensemble, by using archival research on the family fonds, the JÓSIKA family’s documents, and specialised papers having approached the manor house’s subject over time.

Keywords: Haller-Jósika Manor House in Gârbou, manor house, cultural values, Rozália JÓSIKA, Baroque manor house, Neoclassical manor house