Patrimoniul rural din Banat şi urgenţa conservării sale *** Rural Heritage in Banat and the Urgency of its Preservation


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There is a giant hiatus between the world of heritage “specialists”, those who monitor the degradation and accelerated disappearance of old architecture in our country, and the others, the “non-specialists” who, with few exceptions, consider this to be either unimportant, or a natural loss. In this article, I will briefly explore, on the one hand, the state of sacred rural heritage in Banat, especially the vernacular wooden one. On the other hand, I will concentrate on several examples and I will give an account of the way in which this heritage can be recovered. I will discuss long-term interventions, based on lengthy research and interdisciplinarity, but also about “ambulance”-like fast solutions, which save and prolong the life of historic buildings in emergency situations. The success of these operation is, however, rather at an educational and mental level because, speaking on a percentage basis, they only touch a very small number of the historic buildings that are in a serious degradation state in Banat. I will close the article by discussing the importance and efficiency of alternative methods, such as cultural projects or student practica, based on voluntary work and the involvement of local communities. These methods, popular in a hyper-technological world, where information circulates extremely fast, are reaching with difficulty into aged rural communities, failing in many cases to fight the accelerated degradation level of old architecture.

Keywords: rural heritage, wooden churches, Ambulance for Monuments Banat