Reabilitarea fostului Palat al Fondului de Pensii din cartierul Iosefin, Timişoara *** Conservation of the Former Palace of the Pension Fund in the Iosefin Quarter, Timişoara


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The article investigates the state of decay of an almost 120-year-old historical building. The survey of the entire building was performed. The degradations were pointed out on the drawings and in the descriptive part, accompanied by the photographic survey. The behaviour of the building under static and dynamic loads was studied. After a number of separate interventions on the building, it is for the first time that the building is studied and treated as a whole. The full design deals with both structural consolidation and architectural rehabilitation. The provided reversible consolidation solutions are respectful of the composition and style of the elevations and aim at reviving the building’s former atmosphere.

Keywords: historic building conservation, late 19th century heritage, reversible consolidations, elevation style