Complexitatea şi utilitatea unei expertize de biologia construcţiilor *** The Complexity and Utility of a Building Biology Assessment


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The article presents the complexity of a building biology assessment and the need for a multidisciplinary approach to the research, in order to obtain the clearest picture possible of the building’s conservation state during the development of the conservation design.
We chose as case study the Building Biology Assessment conducted for the roof structure of the Black Church in Braşov, in order to illustrate more specifically the usefulness of multidisciplinary studies and the need for a collaboration with historians, dendrochronologists, structural engineers, the beneficiary, and the general designer.
It presents the necessity of identifying the wood species and establishing the quality of the timber used for the various interventions.
Biological degradations, specifying the agents causing them, the extension of the attacks, the causes of their apparition, and the required preservation and conservation measures are presented briefly, as examples. Measurements of wood moisture content were carried out in order to explain the causes of the biological degradations. Physical-chemical degradations, observed as wood defibration, are noted, and their causes are explained. Identifying the substances used in the past for the treatment of the wood was a challenge that was only solved by calling on specialists in the field.

Keywords: assessment, roof structure, wood species, timber quality, biodegradation, treatments