Calitatea intervenţiilor: reabilitarea unor şarpante istorice cu caracter baroc de valoare excepţională *** The Quality of Interventions: Rehabilitating Exceptionally High Value Historic Roof Structures of Baroque Character


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Historic roof structures, although according to those dedicated to these historic load-bearing structures they are practically three-dimensional books displaying the level of technical knowledge and technology of the periods they had been constructed in, are the “abandoned children” of the built heritage conservation guild.
This article – by presenting four distinct case studies – intends to emphasise the following: (1) the quality/values of the roof structure historic structural sub-unit (of Baroque character); by analysing (2) the state of conservation/structural quality of roof structures from the viewpoint of current performance requirements.
The use of digital tools, the evolution of various calculation programmes, the wide scale of possible research on the one hand and the need for permanently enhanced (cost/time) efficiency of design/implementation on the conservation market on the other hand, require the identification (3) of background studies and of the level of detail in interventions in the design phase, in order to provide optimum conditions for carrying out quality interventions. Chapter (4) discusses the specific features of the four analysed roof structures and the planned interventions adapted to these unique conditions. Chapter (5) highlights common and unique elements in the implementation of intervention works. The Conclusions (6) are univocally valid for all types of historic roof structures, whether they belong to listed buildings or not.
The four case studies of historic roof structures of Baroque character refer to:
(I) the Calvinist Church on Kogălniceanu Street, Cluj-Napoca;
(II) the St. Michael’s Roman Catholic Church, Cluj-Napoca;
(III) the Bădeni Unitarian Church, Cluj County, and
(IV) the Roman Catholic Bishopric Palace in Oradea.

Keywords: historic roof structures, historic roof structures of Baroque character, historic load-bearing structures, static calculations, verification, sizing, technical condition, structural intervention, conservation, rehabilitation