Terapie pentru patrimoniu *** Therapy for Heritage


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Cultural heritage plays an important role in shaping our everyday life and in designing a sustainable future, as it provides a community regeneration basis for urban and cultural development. Cultural heritage protection and preservation encourages social cohesion, and, implicitly, a cross-cutting dialogue not only among various disciplines, but also among people. In Romania, although the attitude of civil society towards cultural heritage has changed, its protection is framed in real estate interests, the absence of political consensus, the absence of integrated cultural policies, as well as an overly rigid legislation. This is the context in which HerculaneProject was formed, as a platform for the architectural and social reactivation of the historical centre of Băile Herculane. The underlying philosophy of the project is that cultural heritage has the potential to become an economic and community reactivation and regeneration engine.

Keywords: cultural heritage, historical centre, historic building, civil society, architectural and social reactivation, Băile Herculane, Băile Neptun, HerculaneProject