Poate contribui punerea în valoare a patrimoniul cultural la revitalizarea comunităților din mediul rural? *** Can the Enhancement of Cultural Heritage Contribute to the Revitalisation of Rural Communities?


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The mission of the Mihai Eminescu Trust Foundation (MET) is to revitalise the Romanian local communities through the enhancement of cultural and natural heritage, multicultural integration, and the encouragement of the local economy. MET sets into practice an integrated concept of sustainable development and, through the involvement and accountability of local actors, preserves the authenticity of heritage and harmonises it with the needs of the community.

It is my hope that in the coming years all the villages in which the MET operates will become whole villages. This means that the villages will be able to manage their resources and their cultural and natural heritage in a sustainable way, as well as that they will come to solve their social and economic problems by developing local entrepreneurship in the field of crafts and traditional agriculture. The sustainable way of capitalising on the authenticity of the place is also acquired by initiating responsible tourism through which all the products and services offered are made locally.

Keywords: revitalisation, cultural heritage, community, authenticity, enhancement