Evaluarea capacității de reutilizare a patrimoniului industrial *** Assessing the Reusability Potential of Industrial Heritage


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The article is based on the author’s doctoral research and focuses on abandoned industrial complexes in an urban context, as a separate category of industrial heritage. When the phenomenon of deindustrialisation was already beginning in the Western states, Romania was in the process of industrialisation and implicitly of urbanisation. Deindustrialisation began only after 1990 and left behind abandoned industrial complexes in most cities and towns. Today, we are dealing with de-structured former industrial areas in the urban fabric, a consequence of abandonment. However, the abandoned industrial complexes are an undeniable resource for the cities and towns where they have been spared by real estate speculation and by the demolitions that left behind brownfields. We are going through a new crisis of the built stock and these, due to the existing built stock, the infrastructure, their position in the city, etc., if they were reused and reintegrated in the urban circuit, might contribute to solving some of the city’s problems. This practice is not a new one, but it is an unusual one for Romania, therefore a first step would be to assess the reusability potential of an abandoned industrial complex in an urban context, seeking to investigate the possibilities of responding to certain problems and needs of the area they are located in, or even of the city.

Keywords: industrial complex, abandonment, urban context, reusability, recovery, assessment, potential, industrial heritage