“Heritage Lets” *** „Patrimoniu de închiriat”


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Jersey is rich in fortifications dating from the 13th-20th century, the majority of which are owned by the States (government) of Jersey. From 2006 a number of fortifications have been converted for holiday rental use and the income from letting activity is dedicated to the repair and improvement of the structures.
Nine forts are now available to rent and two additional forts are to be added over the coming year (2012-2013). Visitor numbers and income have exceeded expectations and by 2013-2014 rental income will not only provide a fund to maintain the structures but will enable additional buildings to be repaired and brought into beneficial use.
The study describes the involvement of a number of different government agencies in the scheme and examines the funding arrangements for the project. It demonstrates that historic buildings can have a financially sustainable future and that their appropriate repair can be achieved by commercial means. It also shows that public access and enjoyment of historic structures can be stimulated by offering them as holiday accommodation.
Keywords: historic forts, sustainable use, forts in Jersey, re-use of historic fortifications, renting historic forts, funding and management of historic buildings, “Heritage Lets” project