Preocupările planului urbanistic pentru zona construită protejată din Municipiul Arad *** Concerns of the Urban Plan for the Protected Built Area in Arad Municipality


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The protected built area of the Arad Municipality is found on the Historic Buildings’ List of the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage, with the code AR-II-a-B-00477 and is of local importance. Spectacularly, even for an informed native, this urban fabric surprises its inhabitants and visitors through the unity of its spatial morphology, its historical value and vastness. Pending the drawing up of the Local Plan for the Protected Built Area (PUZCP2) of Arad, its surface was of approx. 500 ha, in its re-defined form the surface reaching 600 ha.
Keywords: Arad, PUZCP, urban planning documentation, history, heritage, protection, regulation