Structurile portante istorice şi societatea *** Historic Load-bearing Structures and the Society


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Historic buildings in general and their load-bearing structures in particular are a significant part of the built environment. As historic buildings are present in the historic centres of settlements – which usually function at the same time as cultural, commercial and political centres –, they have specific technical qualities, which need to be identified,
known and mastered by the operators of these buildings, i.e. natural or legal persons, private or public entities. The heritage values of historic load-bearing structures require even more attention when they are the object of intervention, either for maintenance, rehabilitation (preservation, conservation, retrofitting or reconstruction) or even for demolition.
Society members need to have certain knowledge in order to manage this treasure correctly. This paper makes a review of the requirements towards society for the operation of the built environment’s historic part.
Keywords: historic load-bearing structures, society, built environment and heritage, interventions, maintenance, rehabilitation