The Wood Species Used in the Earthquake-resistant Traditional Timber Structures in Istanbul *** Speciile de lemn folosite în construcţiile tradiţionale, rezistente la cutremur, din Istanbul


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Istanbul is a city that has gone, in its history, through numerous devastating earthquakes bound to take place on the Mediterranean Seismic Belt. The timber buildings have been the most important factor that allowed the city to resist these earthquakes. The reasons of this high resistance were, on the one hand, that timber is a lightweight and ductile material and, on the other hand, the unique structural and architectural expression that developed in Anatolia and Thrace in the course of thousands of years.
This paper aims to understand the earthquake conditions and the reasons that make these buildings strong against them. The seismicity, earthquakes and their damages in Istanbul are investigated from a historical perspective. The architectural layout types and the structural features of timber buildings are analysed. Choosing as example an approximately 110 years old building in the historical peninsula, the wood species and dimensions used in its load-bearing system are determined.
Keywords: timber structures, earthquakes, wood species