Bisericile de lemn monument istoric din Banat. Degradări structurale. Soluţii de consolidare *** Listed Wooden Churches in the Banat Region. Structural Degradations. Consolidation Solutions


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Listed churches made of wood can be found across the whole Europe, from Scandinavia to the Mediterranean Sea. They are values of the universal cultural heritage due to the traditional manufacturing techniques of the joints, as well as to the unique structural systems, which vary from one geographical area to another. These churches are also remarkable due to the paintings made directly on their wooden structure. In Romania there are a lot of listed wooden churches spread across the country. Wooden churches identical to those from Banat region can be found along the border area with Serbia and Hungary. For centuries they have survived natural disasters, epidemics, wars and ideologies, which led to the extinction of a large number
of them. This article presents degradations of the historical load-bearing structures of these churches from Banat region
and modern consolidation techniques, which were studied within research programs developed by universities in Europe and presented at various international conferences. The authors present in this article an alternative consolidation solution to solutions applied so far to other listed wooden churches in Romania, combining already classical consolidation technologies and innovative ones, which were developed worldwide in recent years.
Keywords: historic load-bearing structures,structural degradations, wooden churches, consolidation methods