Cetatea Oradea în cadrul PUG-urilor după anul 1989 *** The Oradea Fortress within the Structure Plan after 1989


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The Fortress of Oradea represents a major tourist attraction related not only to the history of Oradea, but also to that of Transylvania. The fortress was the birthplace of the settlement, representing today its centre of gravity. Listed on the Historic Buildings List (2004), the site contains an ensemble of buildings in a fortified enclosure, whose history begins with the 11th-13th century and continues even today, when the conservation of a first set of buildings inside the enclosure is well underway. The process through which the works were successfully started has its origins in urban planning, developed by the local administration in the legal context after 1989. The Structure Plans (1994-1995 and 2000-2001) are the starting points of an innovative process (for the Romania of that period), in the context of using new instruments, of a strategic planning meant to lead to the financially sustained finalisation of a development strategy. This article follows the beginning of the process, seen from within, highlighting its innovative aspects.
Keywords: Oradea Fortress, Urban Decay, Strategic Development, Integrated Management, Involvement, Strategic Planning, Public Policies, Action Plans, Urban Planning, Structure Plan, Statutory Plans, Development Strategies