Aspecte ale procesului de restaurare a statuilor de bronz ale grupului statuar Matia Corvinul din Piaţa Centrală a Clujului *** Aspects Related to the Conservation of the Bronze Statues of the Matthias I Sculptural Group Located in the Main Square of Clu


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The “Matthias I” sculptural group, the work of the sculptor János FADRUSZ, unveiled in 1902, is located in the very heart of Cluj-Napoca, along the north-south axis of Unirii Square, set against the south elevation of Saint Michael’s Church. The sculptural ensemble is made of the king’s monumental equestrian statue, placed on a tall pedestal – the central element of the composition and of four auxiliary figures representing fighters in armour, carrying swords, a sceptre and flags, grouped two by two at the lower level of the pediment. The imperatively needed conservation of this monument was launched in 2006 and was followed by a series of administrative procedures. The rehabilitation design focused on three main lines: consolidation of the infrastructure and superstructures of the sculptural group, conservation of the bronze artistic components and of those made of sculpted stone. The implementation works were initiated in the summer of 2009. The present paper introduces the essential moments of the bronze statues conservation process.
Keywords: “Matthias I” sculptural group, Cluj, bronze artistic components, sculpted stone, conservation process