Beavatkozások az erdődi Károlyi-kastélynál *** Interventions on the Károlyi Manor House in Ardud


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The Károlyi Manor House in Ardud (Romania) is one of the sites that benefit from the EU Project called Tour of Mediaeval Market-towns in North Transylvania (Circuitul târgurilor medievale din Transilvania de Nord). The article presents the conservation plan of the manor house, which underwent certain changes as a result of the researches carried out recently.
Unfortunately, the plans prepared for the tender were missing the necessary researches as most of the constructions were inaccessible. The researches on the building and the archaeological excavations were carried out simultaneously with the implementation, and at the same time the archival research also went on. In the light of the obtained results, three adaptations of the original plan were made: the first one was based on the manor house’s theoretical reconstruction; in the second one the excavated ruins came into the limelight, while the third one was a result of compromise between the architect’s proposal and the owner’s demands.
Keywords: manor house, ruins, research, plan, theoretical reconstruction, implementation, protective roof