A nagyváradi várban 2009–2012 között végzett felújítási munkálatok *** Conservation Works Carried Out at the Oradea Fortress between 2009 and 2012


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In 1998 the late-renaissance fortress extending on an area of 16 hectares became the property of the local municipality. Consequently each of the buildings within the complex, namely the former pentagonal Princely Palace, and the edifices built during the 18th century by the Austrian garrison were awarded two major funds from the Structural Funds of the European Union. Within the framework of the first stage of the heritage rehabilitation program, two-thirds of the buildings were restored by the end of 2012, and by that date the tendering procedure will be completed regarding the implementation of the project granted under the integrated town planning program.
Keywords: Oradea Fortress, European Union funding, Regional Operational Program, application, municipality, rehabilitation, Princely Palace, buildings of the Austrian garrison